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Hair Removal and Waxing Services in Edinburgh

Sin Waxing have specialists highly skilled and experienced in removing excess body hair.

About Sin Waxing

Sin Waxing is home to everyone for all waxing including intimate waxing in Edinburgh. We are a trans friendly salon and we love all people! We offer backs, sac-n-crack, Hollywood waxes and more. Our trained professionals provide effective hair removal solutions with long-lasting results. Our friendly team have over 30 years of experience! We provide a private, relaxed, inclusive, and hygienic environment for superior hair removal results. We are also specialists in Soprano ICE laser permanent hair reduction and Electrolysis. For a smooth, hair-free skin for different body areas and hair types, get in touch with Sin Waxing now and book your session.

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Whether you are male, female, or trans, and would like to get a wax, we ensure you are comfortable with your chosen wax when you book our services. For a smooth and hair- free outcome with long-lasting results, get in touch with Sin Waxing today.

Hair waxing legs

Hair Removal

To target areas like the legs, underarms, bikini line and facial areas, we apply heated wax to the desired area and swiftly remove it, along with the hair from the root. Re-growth will take longer, and hair tends to be softer.

Young woman receiving epilation laser treatment

Electrolysis & Laser Hair Removal

Electrolysis is the most effective method for permanently removing unwanted thin, thick, or coarse hair, with very little re-growth in the treated areas. Laser hair removal are advanced methods for long-term hair reduction. We use Soprano ICE hair removal technology, enabling us to treat the widest range of hair types quickly and painlessly. Book a session now.

Male waxing

Male Waxing

If you require body waxing for areas like the back, chest, eyebrows, intimate, or even full body from ear to toes, book our services for a smooth skin in those areas. Removing excess body hair enhances muscle definition, improves comfort, helps with chafing from sport and contributes to a cleaner appearance.

Young Male Model

Transgender Waxing

It’s important if you are considering body waxing to prepare adequately by allowing your hair to grow about half a centimetre before waxing. Post-wax care is crucial to soothe the skin and to prevent ingrown hairs. Sin Waxing will give aftercare instructions between sessions. We are a trans-friendly salon and welcome everyone!

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Eyebrow Wax

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS)

If you have hair growth caused by PCOS, genetics or if it’s just the way you are, we will make you feel at ease and comfortable! We are very experienced and have welcomed all to our salon. Please do not feel nervous, as we encourage body positivity! Choose Sin Waxing for hair removal and waxing services in Edinburgh. We are highly skilled and experienced specialists in removing unwanted excess body hair on all shapes, ages, sizes, genders, or ethnicities and are respectful. Book a session now.

Choose Sin Waxing for hair removal and waxing services in Edinburgh. We have highly skilled and experienced specialists for removing unwanted excess body hair. Book a session now.

Shaved Armpit

Remove Unwanted Hair

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