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Sindollhouse is still alive!! We have closed the diary to bookings whilst we move premises and will need to get the new property adapted to accommodate both businesses. Please do message or email us and we can try to accommodate a booking in the meantime.

Our professionals at Sin Waxing cater for anyone who wants to enjoy the transforming power of make-up.

We Welcome Everyone at Sindollhouse

Cross dressing, M2F, transgender, non-binary, questioning, or anyone else who feels that our service is for them.

We offer make-up services, makeovers, trying on wigs, cross dressing, and feminisation (we do not offer any kinks, fetish, or anything sexual). We also have monthly events - ELF (Edinburgh Last Friday). We can also offer trips to a coffee shop or shops by special arrangement.


With our cross-dressing make-up services, we aim to provide an essential space for individuals who wish to explore different aspects of their identity through make-up. If you are interested in exploring a gender different, Sin Waxing allows you to express yourself authentically and confidently. Learn more about our services here.

Instagram: @sindollhous

Facebook: Sin Dollhouse



Bare chested man with a beard

Make-up Transformation

At Sin Waxing, we possess unique skills which go beyond conventional make-up applications. We understand the nuances of contouring, highlighting, and shading to create a more feminine appearance, depending on your desired outcome. Through the powerful use of make-up, we help you achieve the look that aligns with your gender expression. If you are new to cross dressing, our skilled professionals offer a supportive and safe environment. We are trained to provide guidance, advice, and education in applying make-up to achieve your desired look on your own, including lessons. Our service is more tailored toward beginners or for those who find it difficult to do at home.  Book an appointment here.

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Smooth & Hair-free Skin

Sin waxing is well-versed in working with different body areas and hair types, enabling us to remove unwanted hair quickly and effectively. Get in touch to book a session if you want to remove hair from areas like your face, underarms, legs, back, chest, or other intimate parts. Our methods lead to slower re-growth and results that can last for several weeks with regular sessions. We use high-quality products to reduce any discomfort and irritation, making the experience more tolerable for you. Laser hair removal on the face is a fantastic way to thin out thick growth and reduce beard shadow. Book now.

Sin Waxing, based in Edinburgh, provides cross dressing make-up services. Our professionals will help anyone who wants to achieve the look that  they hope to achieve, and to enjoy the transforming power of make-up. Visit Sin Dollhouse to book

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Remove Unwanted Hair

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