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Sin Waxing Provides Body Waxing Services

We use our own locally sourced high quality equipment and products to minimise the chances of allergic reactions or adverse side effects, and to keep our carbon footprint in check.

Waxing Services

We are a very friendly bunch! 
We aim to provide a friendly and relaxed environment in our quirky premises and even have a telly in our rooms for distraction. Treatments are performed in a hygienic, professional, non-sexual environment. We will always do our best to accommodate all your needs and availability, by adapting our working hours to suit you. If you wish you can bring your own music or use the treatment time to catch up on emails or texts, we do not mind. Your comfort is our priority.
Our trained professionals possess the skills and knowledge to perform waxing with precision and efficiency, ensuring a comfortable experience. Our waxing services will minimise the risk of ingrown hairs, irritation, and other common issues that can arise from improper at-home- techniques. Book now.

Sugaring: epilation with liquate sugar at legs

Hot Waxing

Hot wax is applied to the skin in patches and removed by flicking and pulling without the need of a strip. New ingredients make this specific waxing technique even more pliable and less likely to stick to the skin, ensuring a far less painful experience with no lasting discomfort. This is our chosen technique to wax all intimate and sensitive areas.  Sam was trained to use this method in South Africa in 1989 and has been using it ever since. That is more than 30 years of waxing experience. She has trained all who work at Sin Waxing in her trade secrets.

A young man, back view

Full Body Wax

If you are looking for a full body wax it can take up to three hours depending on hair growth.
Full body wax includes removal of all hair from the ears down including your toes. The after effect of waxing can be a red and pimply rash, so have it done at least 3 days before any hot date or holidays. We recommend a trial wax of possibly 6 weeks before, so you have a clear idea on how your skin will react and how much downtime you many need.
Each visit becomes easier, and you'll learn to turn the trip to see us into something to look forward to. 
Before you decide to book full body as your first ever wax, we would advise you to book few areas first like underarm, intimate area, back or legs, just to check how your body will react to it, and to make sure you are comfortable with the initial discomfort when hair is removed.
If you are getting waxed for a special event like holiday, wedding, special occasion, please ensure you wax at least 6 weeks prior to the main event (as a trial), to see how your skin reacts as this can be unpredictable.

Some people may have no reactions, some mild and others may get folliculitis every time, where some may only experience reactions when their hair is growing back. We are all different and so is our skin. This is the most important information you need for any wax!

Please do your research and come prepared! Book a session now.

Close-up Of Person Hands Waxing Man's Chest With Wax Strip

Why Wax Regularly?

You should make an appointment every 4 - 6 weeks. Your body adjusts with continued waxing, so each session becomes less painful and is finished more rapidly if the 4 - 6-week regime is kept. Hot weather stimulates hair growth; hair grows quicker in the summer than in the winter. With regular waxing, the length of time between treatments will increase. Re-growth will be finer, thinner, and slower. Eventually, hair growth may stop growing in patches depending upon the density of the hair, though this does take time.

Our trained professionals provide intimate body waxing services in Edinburgh. Book regular hair removal sessions with Sin Waxing today. Our methods are tailored to meet your individual preferences and needs.

Shaved Armpit

Remove Unwanted Hair

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